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We believe that every baby - and their parents - should feel cared for and cozy when they arrive home.

In Scandinavia, that special feeling of a cozy home or "hygge" is the foundation to health and wellbeing. We strive to bring this cozy, cared-for feeling to you through birth, postpartum and newborn services. Our goal? To help you feel comfortable, confident, and relaxed when your baby arrives.

We believe that raising happy, healthy babies and children requires just the right amount of feeding, sleeping, and playing "lagom", or contentment. We also believe that creating as natural a nursery environment as possible, creates a healthier environment for babies to grow and thrive, and we are happy to assist families in selecting organic and natural toys and baby products for their little ones.

Birth doula services


Our doulas are available to meet all of your antepartum, birth and postpartum needs. > choose a package



Our baby nurses can provide overnight newborn care to your newest addition(s). > get help now

sleep coaching


Skilled sleep training and consulting packages for newborn and older babies. > sleep sweet sleep

"Kate and her team were exceptional.  Their team-centered birth support was exactly what we needed, and I loved having two doulas supporting me the entire time.”


“We had such a good night’s sleep while the M+B team were here when our babies were just weeks old. They established such good, easy, and healthy routines for our twins, and by three months old they were both sleeping soundly through the night. We would highly recommend Kate’s team.”


"We used Kate’s sleep coaching package, and followed her schedule for our son exactly as she laid it out. We had him sleeping through the night in two weeks, after six months of sleepless nights. We wish we had called her sooner. Her approach is so gentle, but structured so it works."


"The M+B team was phenomenal at helping us establish healthy patterns with our second child when they came for postpartum support days after we left the hospital. They helped with our older child, and they made our transition home so much easier. We wish we had used them for our first."


"Kate and her team are exceptional. They really make you feel as if you have a team of best friends helping you along the way in a very gentle, evidence based, practical way. Her hygge vibe is awesome. It puts everyone at ease. They really do help you cozy into parenthood."

- Laura

"Kate helped us with consultations for everything pregnancy and baby related. She helped us with our baby shower registry list, nursery design and preparation, and hospital preparation. We also took her one-on-one classes for childbirth education, breastfeeding support, and newborn essentials. The best part was that she also sent us pastries and coffee. Kate is very personable, and such a pleasure to get to know."

- Jill

"There’s a reason Scandinavians are so happy—this hygge stuff is great. Coffee, pastries and a sisterhood that helps you ease into parenthood. It’s no wonder it makes for such happy babies too."

- Lauren


Hi, I'm Kathryn Wallace, a Boston nurse with over two decades of newborn and childcare experience. One of my very favorite things to do is help new parents adjust to parenthood in the easiest, coziest, most comforted way possible with a friend by their side. I created Mamma and Bebis to do just that after experiencing my own difficult first pregnancy, and lack of supportive resources.

Our team of baby experts, doulas and nurses are here to ensure that your transition to parenthood is seamless and supported. We greet you with a box of pastries and coffee upon our arrival, and hope to make our visit comforting, educational, and rewarding for both you and your baby.

With doulas throughout the east coast, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York we look forward to finding the right fit for your growing family.

Starting Summer 2024

New! Virtual Weekly Parent Support Group

Connect with new parents via Zoom from all over the country with guided conversations about relevant new parent topics!

  • Receive 24/7 text support from our Certified Doulas.
  • All of our families receive a new parent box from us including: a Best Practices Manual written by Mamma and Bebis founder Kathryn Wallace, a journal to document your parenthood journey, a binder to stay organized with baby care, and an adorable Mamma + Bebis baby onesie!

We donate a percentage of profits to local community doula non-profit organizations who provide education and support for doulas and families in need across the country.

We're proud to share our partnership with Room to Grow

About Room to Grow
For more than 20 years, the Room to Grow three-year program has provided critical support to families raising babies born into low-income circumstances. They provide parents and caregivers with essential baby and toddler items, strategies and support to promote their children’s development, and connections to community resources that can meaningfully expand their support network. Their dynamic, wrap-around approach addresses the multitude of needs facing parents raising children in these earliest years, and provides the surest opportunity for establishing a strong foundation in life.

Ways to get involved:

  • Donate Baby and Toddler Items
  • Donate Financially
  • Volunteer in Boston or New York

We look forward to helping you cozy into new parenthood.