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What We Do


Parenthood/Newborn Preparation & Fika Fridays


During pregnancy we are here to support new parents to be every step of the way. We provide one on one classes in the home and other consultation services so that you can be a confident new parent when your baby(ies) arrive. We can help you make the most efficient and cost effective selection of nursery essentials prior to your shower or prior to designing your nursery.  We can help you find a Doula, Baby Nurse, or Nanny in advance as well. Our nurses can provide support and advocacy as well during doctor’s appointments if a local support system is not available.

Our beloved Fika Fridays are currently held on Fridays in Waltham, MA.  These are Scandinavian modeled support groups for new mammas in a cozy space.  We encourage you to come in a cozy sweater and socks, and expecting mammas are welcome to join as well.  We have a weekly discussion topic as well as touching on specific issues brought up at each session by attendees related to breastfeeding and sleep training issues.  In true Scandinavian fashion we serve Gevalia coffee and pastries.  Please email: to register. 


Labor and Birth Support


We support Mammas, babies and families through the birth process. We provide breastfeeding counseling and support, help in selecting formulas and childbirth education. We can also recommend doulas during and after the birthing process, in the home, childbirth center or at the hospital. Upon discharge, we can provide and staff for all of your overnight baby nurse and newborn care needs as well. 


Newborn Care and Overnight Baby Nurses


Once you are at home with your new addition, we can help set-up overnight care for your new babe. We provide daily and weekly visits to check on Mamma as well. We provide parenting coaching, sleep training, nanny selection services and any kind of support you may need once you are home. We tailor our support to your needs.  We also update our Instagram account daily with relevant tips and topics.  Please follow us at: mammaandbebis


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Our Team



Kathryn "Kate" Leaf Wallace is a Boston nurse with nearly 24 years of infant and childcare experience. She holds a masters degree in healthcare leadership from Brown University, and holds certificates in breastfeeding counseling and childbirth education as well.  She has been sleep training singletons and multiples since nursing school, and she loves to watch well rested, happy babies grow and thrive.  Her daughter is a year old, and she's been sleep trained from two months old to sleep through the night.  "She's my personal proof, that sleep training does work and does create happy babies."  Kate lives with her husband and daughter Karoline Astrid outside of Boston.

Baby Nurses


Our baby nurses are a team comprised of nursing school students, graduates and newborn care specialists with years of experience working with newborns and babies.  We are experts in helping you to sleep train your singleton or multiples.

Our Scandinavian Way


We believe that every baby should be snuggled and cozy when they arrive home.  We have baby nurses who can teach families how to wrap the perfect swaddle for maximum snuggle or "hygge."  We believe that raising happy, healthy babies and children requires just the right amount of feeding, sleeping and playing "lagom." We also believe that creating as natural a nursery environment as possible, creates a healthier environment for babies to grow and thrive, and we are happy to assist families in selecting organic and natural toys and baby products for their little ones.

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