Your Hygge Nursery

Hygge Newborn Nursery Design

Nursery coziness or “hygge” are so important for both you and your babe.  You will undoubtedly be spending lots of time in this room, and it should be as cozy, warm and comfortable as possible. Here are some helpful tips on how to help your nursery be as hygge and cozy as possible!


I always recommend using as natural a paint as possible for the walls because you never know when kids will be licking the walls (and it does happen, as unappealing as it sounds!).  The most natural paint on the market right now is Natura by Benjamin Moore.  If it’s within your budget, I highly recommend it.  I always suggest light, cozy, soft colors for a nursery that make you feel warm.  Nothing too bold like bright colors or murals.  You want this room to be a comfortable place that encourages sleep and isn’t over stimulating.


As far as furniture goes, it depends on your style, but I typically recommend simple designs, with limited pieces of furniture in the room, so it’s easy to get around and to clean.  If you like antiques, go with that, if you like simple lines and more modern design, go with that.

Here is my simple, hygge list of nursery necessities:

  • crib, mattress, and two waterproof mattress covers, 2-3 fitted sheets
  • bumpers for crib when baby is over 6 months old and can easily move head/body etc.(their arms can get stuck in side rails without using one
  • nursery chair and pillow (not a rocking chair, more on this later)
  • dresser with drawers to also be used as a changing table
  • portable changing pad and 2-3 washable covers
  • 1 mirror
  • 1 rug
  • framed pictures/artwork for the wall (but not too many!)
  • 2 baby blankets
  • 4-5 stuffed animals (you’ll get more at your shower and when baby is born)
  • if there’s enough room, a second bed for an adult to sleep on in the nursery (also makes changing baby easier when they’re older) and this can become their bed once they’re old enough
  • side rail covers for crib (so your babe doesn’t eat through their wooden crib rails)
  • curtains and shades for each window
  • cradle or bassinet for 0-6 months (or a year) to be kept in parent’s room
  • 2 mattress waterproof mattress covers for cradle or bassinet, 2 fitted sheets
  • highly recommend the owlet monitoring device
  • simple (under $100) baby monitor and camera
  • 2 baby towels
  • 10 baby wash cloths
  • 2 baskets or bookcases to store baby toys/books


I’ve always liked baby having their own room to transition to, but having them in with the parents until six months old to sleep at night in a cradle or bassinet.  Once a baby is three to four months old it’s good to establish a sleep schedule and having them learn to nap in their own room before they transition into it for nights.  I like having a spare bed in the nursery for the random nights your babe has a hard time going back to bed or is sick and you can be by their side.  I would NOT recommend ever making a habit of sleeping in their room.  Adults need their space and so does your sweet babe.  I hope this list helps you plan your hygge nursery that provides warmth, coziness and good sleep for everyone!

- Kate

About Kate Wallace

I’m a Boston nurse with over twenty years of infant and childcare experience. I love incorporating my Scandinavian heritage into this “hygge baby” model of care for mammas, pappas and their babes. I believe that every mamma and pappa deserves the support of experts in the coziness of their own home over a cup of delicious coffee to help them easily and comfortably transition into new parenthood.