My favorite hygge baby products

hygge baby products

I am all about simple and necessary when it comes to baby products.  We live in an apartment outside the city, and we don’t have a lot of room for excessive storage, so I’ve been cautious as to which products we buy, and it’s served us well (and we’ve avoided paying for storage thus far).

Here are a few of my simple, practical and hygge favorites:

  • boppy with bottom (great 0-4 mos.) (cuddling on the couch)
  • breastfeeding boppy (with removable, washable cover) (also great for tummy time)
  • playmat with jungles/hanging toys for tummy time
  • sleep sacks for naps and bedtime
  • baby saucer for standing (for 6-9 mos.)
  • portable high chair seat that straps to chair
  • portable bathtub (my favorite is PRIMO Eurobath because they can still use as toddlers)
  • vibrating chair (my favorite is Fisherprice)
  • pack n’ play by Graco (we have multiple set-up in our apartment)(great way to entertain them with toys as they grow and to safely contain them)
  • baby bjorn carrier (0-6 mos.)
  • ergo baby carrier or lille baby carrier (great for 6 mos.-2.5 years)

These are the only baby products we were given or purchased, and we have LOVED them all.  My philosophy is, keep it simple and be able to pack it in a closet or small attic space.

Stay cozy!

- Kate

About Kate Wallace

I’m a Boston nurse with over twenty years of infant and childcare experience. I love incorporating my Scandinavian heritage into this “hygge baby” model of care for mammas, pappas and their babes. I believe that every mamma and pappa deserves the support of experts in the coziness of their own home over a cup of delicious coffee to help them easily and comfortably transition into new parenthood.