Fun Activities for this Year’s Halloween

alternative halloween activities

What a crazy year it has been, and now the start to the holidays (albeit unofficial, but one of our favorites is upon us). It is so hard to believe that Halloween for all intents and purposes is cancelled this year, or is it??

The CDC has their own risk assessed versions of Halloween, and the alternative Halloween activities that provide the least amount of risk.

Here are some of our Hygge Alterrnative Halloween ideas:

  • Zoom costume contest for pets and kiddos, with Halloween snacks, and wine for parents, maybe a Halloween movie playing in the background, so parents can actually enjoy the Zoom call
  • Bobbing for apples, and hanging donuts eating contests with household family members
  • Pumpkin painting or carving contest via social distancing
  • Having a family Halloween party, with spooky treats
  • Making a Halloween Haunted gingerbread house (from a kit!)
  • Making ghosts, paper pumpkins, or other Halloween crafts (see our Instagram for ideas)
  • Outdoor projector Halloween movie night with family
  • Evening drive to scout Halloween decorations in your neighborhood
  • Making your dining room or house into your personal haunted house (kiddos love to decorate)
  • Dressing up all day on Halloween, and just going out for a walk and munching on candy
  • Making Halloween cupcakes
  • Making a cardboard box haunted house
  • Halloween spooky scavenger hunt in your backyard
  • Spooky walk through the woods in costumes, searching for ghosts and witches, and telling spooky stories

It’s definitely different this year, but Halloween certainly isn’t cancelled at our house!

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I’m a Boston nurse with over twenty years of infant and childcare experience. I love incorporating my Scandinavian heritage into this “hygge baby” model of care for mammas, pappas and their babes. I believe that every mamma and pappa deserves the support of experts in the coziness of their own home over a cup of delicious coffee to help them easily and comfortably transition into new parenthood.

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