New! Hygge Craft Kits for Toddlers & Preschoolers

toddler craft kits

We’re so excited to be offering monthly craft kits for 2-4 year olds starting in February!

Our oldest is now three, and I’m finding working from home with her and our almost one year old with no childcare is nearly impossible most of the day (I work before they get-up, after they go to bed, and at night). I’ve also discovered, like many parents out there that the more you stimulate their senses, and interests during different segments of the day, even doing preschool from home allows you greater likelihood for their patience later on. This means their less under your feet while emptying the dishwasher, while doing laundry, or any other mundane household task, that still needs to get done, despite the circumstances.

I wanted to share the crafts and projects we’re doing, and make it easier for other parents as well. Working from home during this pandemic has thrown everyone into a tailspin, and the more we can help each other take a breath, the better off we will all be as parents. I believe it really does take a Village.

Our craft kits are simple, easy, and pre-cut, and include everything you need except things not easily shipped (like paint, scissors, and tape---the basics you most likely already have at home for your kiddos). I’ve also included two of my favorite, easy hygge recipes for parents to try.

We have to look out for each other too!

CRAFT KIT COST: $40 for 1 kid, $65 for 2 kids, and $80 for 3 kids

Let’s try to enjoy the winter at home as much as we can right now, and support each other along the way, as we hunker down and ride out this crazy pandemic storm.

About Kate Wallace

I’m a Boston nurse with over twenty years of infant and childcare experience. I love incorporating my Scandinavian heritage into this “hygge baby” model of care for mammas, pappas and their babes. I believe that every mamma and pappa deserves the support of experts in the coziness of their own home over a cup of delicious coffee to help them easily and comfortably transition into new parenthood.

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