Corporate Maternity Program

Workplace supPort for new families

Boston . Providence . Greenwich . NYC

Our Corporate program was established to provide support to families prior to baby’s arrival, and also to help families ease back into the workplace after maternity and paternity leave. Having a baby is an enormous adjustment. Successfully adjusting back to work with a baby can have lasting effects on a parent’s career and their likelihood of staying on their career path.

We believe in much of the Scandinavian ethos of successfully having both a family and career simultaneously. This is only possible while having a supportive workplace with the necessary resources in place for employees to succeed. When the right resources are in place for families to succeed, we believe it creates a long-lasting company culture of diversity, understanding, strong family values, and employee retention.

We offer group rate classes, individual consultations, virtual support, and in-person doula services for our corporate clients related to all things pregnancy through babyhood. Please inquire about our Group and Partnership Rates.