Overnight Newborn Care

The rest you need + the Care baby needs.

Boston . Providence . Greenwich . NYC

One of our most beloved services is our overnight newborn care. Overnight care is provided by our experienced team of postpartum doulas. We provide our newborn families with support days and sometimes hours after leaving the birthing center or hospital. We give birthing families the much-needed sleep and rest they need upon returning home, and help establish healthy patterns for your newborn.

We bring your baby to you if you are breastfeeding so you don’t need to change diapers, get out of bed, or put your baby back to sleep. We teach you how to make the perfect hygge swaddle, and establish a safe and cozy sleep environment for your baby.

Once your baby is at least 12 lbs. and eight weeks old we can start helping your baby transition to a sleep coaching routine as we support them overnight. Our team provides all bottle feedings if desired, cleans all baby bottles and breastfeeding equipment, and does light baby laundry while your baby sleeps overnight.

Singleton Overnight Rate (8 hrs.): $400
Twin Overnight Rate (8 hrs.): $450
Triplet Overnight Rate (8 hrs.): $500

Starting Summer 2024

New! Virtual Weekly Parent Support Group

Connect with new parents via Zoom from all over the country with guided conversations about relevant new parent topics!

  • Receive 24/7 text support from our Certified Doulas.
  • All of our families receive a new parent box from us including: a Best Practices Manual written by Mamma and Bebis founder Kathryn Wallace, a journal to document your parenthood journey, a binder to stay organized with baby care, and an adorable Mamma + Bebis baby onesie!

We donate a percentage of profits to local community doula non-profit organizations who provide education and support for doulas and families in need across the country.