My Top Picks for Necessary Breastfeeding Extras

Breastfeeding Extras Top Tips

Many of us will attempt breastfeeding for at least a short period of time once we deliver, and what I find many of my client’s forget is that breastfeeding requires more than just a baby, a pump, and some bottles.  If you exclusively breastfeed, it generally also requires more than just your baby too! Once…

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Hygge Fall: My Favorite Safe Sleep Sacks

Hygge Fall Favorite Sleep Sacks

I am a huge fan of sleep sacks and sleep swaddles that use velcro and zippers in place of using swaddle blankets and receiving blankets.  To ensure safe sleep it’s important to keep fabric away from baby’s face at all times, and once a baby squirms—which can happen in the first few days post birth,…

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My favorite hygge baby products

hygge baby products

I am all about simple and necessary when it comes to baby products.  We live in an apartment outside the city, and we don’t have a lot of room for excessive storage, so I’ve been cautious as to which products we buy, and it’s served us well (and we’ve avoided paying for storage thus far). Here…

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Your Hygge Nursery

Hygge Newborn Nursery Design

Nursery coziness or “hygge” are so important for both you and your babe.  You will undoubtedly be spending lots of time in this room, and it should be as cozy, warm and comfortable as possible. Here are some helpful tips on how to help your nursery be as hygge and cozy as possible! WHAT COLOR SHOULD…

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